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Jerks in trucks [Sep. 3rd, 2006|10:09 am]
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I did a relatively short ride yesterday. I cycled over to a place called "Mike's Bikes" .. it is a new shop downtown. It was freakin' expensive as hell. They had a terrible selection of cycle clothing sooooo.... I continued on to my workout at the downtown gym.

From there, I headed to Performance, the bike shop on Howe. I go to my friend's shop for service but to this place for gear. I picked up two new bibbed cycle shorts for about 100 bux. ...that, kiddies, is about 40 LESS than one pair of bibbed shorts cost at Mikes Mikes. (sigh)...

On another subject.... I won't get into the family member I am pissed at just yet but it is related to this...

I was on Howe.. in one of the FEW places on Howe that has a bike lane when this adam-henry in a red Chevy truck drove by me real close and made it a point to slow down and yell out of his passenger-side window, "get off the damned road." Then he jerked over to the right in front of me as I loudly compared him with a bodily orafice and gave him the universal "you're #1" hand gesture.

He returned the gesture and then he hit the gas.

Come on... if you want to start something for no reason, pull over and get out of your truck.. and I will finish it for you. Honestly, I've not been in a fight for a very long time -I've been a little itchy about that since I left hospital work- I'd dearly love to introduce your face to the asphalt.. At high velocity.

Arg.... what I'm getting at aside from the above immediate reaction to that jerk is that I am tired of the attitudes expressed by many non-cyclists about cyclists.. attitudes about our right to be on the road (an legally drive down the CENTER of the lane, if I chose)....questions about our sexual choices based simply upon our cycling clothes. Crap like that..


Well, today I am going to go on a nice ride, maybe a workout, and I will be giving blood (they'll prolly be needing it badly, this holliday season).

From My Lj...