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It's an old problem: [Mar. 15th, 2010|05:20 pm]
▒▒ Car Punchers Unite ▒▒

If you are on Twitter, you should follow TweetsOfOld. It's excerpts from old newspapers done up twitter style. Today I got this: "The city council is wrestling with the problem of how to suppress the bicycle club. KY1883"
I wonder if it worked?
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a tip for when you report a hit and run [Jan. 23rd, 2007|03:05 pm]
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apparently, in mass.... it isn't technically a "hit and run" unless you are injured or your property is damaged. also apparently, the driver who's aggressive action is the cause of the "hit" would not be charged unless you were injured or if he caused damage. ... even if he didn't stop to find out.

something's wrong with that.
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A Rant I sent in to... [Sep. 6th, 2006|01:56 pm]
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...My favorite radio talk show..

I love the show, I've been listening for a long time. I just
heard your promo for the show and it was a clip of you both talking
about 'Militant Cyclists.' I am not sure when you actually had that
discussion and since it is a promo, I heard it entirely out of context.

*I* am a militant cyclist. I commute daily by bicycle through
all four seasons, rain or shine. I average approximately 30 miles a day.
I do heavily advocate folks using alternate transportation such as
bicycle, train, bus, carpool, or a combination.

When I pass by highway 50 and I see all those single-occupant
metal coffins crawling along bumper to bumper, yes.. I do have some
disdain. There are so many alternatives out there but these people
choose to spend so much of their lives locked in a metal box. Why do
that when you can be outside getting some exercise along with your
commute? Why not carpool or take the bus or light rail and interact more
with your peers? What a sad life.

You leave your cookie-cutter tract home, get into the metal box,
go to work and sit in a box for 8+ hours, and then climb back into the
metal box for the return trip to the tract home. How sad.. You miss out
on the people, on the sights and sounds, the weather, AND you are using
fuel that we depend on getting from foreign sources.

Yes, as a parent, I do understand that some folks have limited
options for commuting when that commute includes taking your kids to
school or daycare but there are options. There are some days where I too
am out there in my metal coffin (though not often, if I can help it).

Regarding "I can do any damned thing I want".. well, yes..
within the law, I can. I can use the left turn lane, I could go down the
center of the lane (if it is too unsafe to be in the bike lane or all
the way to the right), and I am subject to the same rules on my bike
that you are in your car.

What drives me nuts and drives me to want to commit an act of
violence are two things: Stupid drivers and Stupid cyclists.

Folks (Drivers)... The bike lane is a BIKE LANE... it is not a
-so-that-I-don't-have-to-wait-to-make-my-right-turn lane."

When turning right or changing lanes, LOOK OVER YOUR DAMNED
SHOULDER!!! I've had too many close calls.. I just love the dumbfounded
"what? what did I do? Oh..there's someone there!" look on peoples' faces
when I punch and dent the fender that they nearly grafted to my body.

It is not necessary and NOT appreciated when you come up behind
us and honk or yell at us. That will earn you the universal "you're #1"
hand gesture. -or a water bottle thrown at you.

No.. we do not like to play the game of "lets see how close I
can get to the guy on the bike." Not long ago, a jerk in a Honda CRV
actually brushed my arm. I was doing 21 mph, he was doing at least 45.
(If I could have caught the guy, I'd be writing to you from my cell at
the Sac County Jail right now).

I could go on about drivers but I have to balance it out with
bad cyclists..

Guys, Gals...
* The laws apply to us too.
* Go WITH the flow of traffic
* STOP at red lights and stop signs.. they are there for a REASON.
* SINGLE FILE on the roads. Yes, it is nice to chat but not during
rush hour on Folsom Blvd.
* Don't be an idiot, pay attention to the world around you, there
are hulking metal and plastic death machines zipping past you, they'll
survive the impact better than you will.
* Helmet lights... BAD idea. One.. they look stupid. Two.. you are
blinding EVERYONE you look at.. oncoming cyclists, cars, pedestrians.
Put the light on your handlebar like a normal person. You look like a
bunch of dorks.. trust me.

So... Thanks for your time, guys.. if you read this on the radio
or not doesn't matter for me personally.. you do mailbag loooong before
I am at work in my box listening to you guys on the internet but you
might consider it anyway.. as a public service.

Helmet Light=Dork,

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Jerks in trucks [Sep. 3rd, 2006|10:09 am]
▒▒ Car Punchers Unite ▒▒

From My Lj...

...Comments are turned off here but you can make 'em there ^^ if you wish..

I did a relatively short ride yesterday. I cycled over to a place called "Mike's Bikes" .. it is a new shop downtown. It was freakin' expensive as hell. They had a terrible selection of cycle clothing sooooo.... I continued on to my workout at the downtown gym.

From there, I headed to Performance, the bike shop on Howe. I go to my friend's shop for service but to this place for gear. I picked up two new bibbed cycle shorts for about 100 bux. ...that, kiddies, is about 40 LESS than one pair of bibbed shorts cost at Mikes Mikes. (sigh)...

On another subject.... I won't get into the family member I am pissed at just yet but it is related to this...

I was on Howe.. in one of the FEW places on Howe that has a bike lane when this adam-henry in a red Chevy truck drove by me real close and made it a point to slow down and yell out of his passenger-side window, "get off the damned road." Then he jerked over to the right in front of me as I loudly compared him with a bodily orafice and gave him the universal "you're #1" hand gesture.

He returned the gesture and then he hit the gas.

Come on... if you want to start something for no reason, pull over and get out of your truck.. and I will finish it for you. Honestly, I've not been in a fight for a very long time -I've been a little itchy about that since I left hospital work- I'd dearly love to introduce your face to the asphalt.. At high velocity.

Arg.... what I'm getting at aside from the above immediate reaction to that jerk is that I am tired of the attitudes expressed by many non-cyclists about cyclists.. attitudes about our right to be on the road (an legally drive down the CENTER of the lane, if I chose)....questions about our sexual choices based simply upon our cycling clothes. Crap like that..


Well, today I am going to go on a nice ride, maybe a workout, and I will be giving blood (they'll prolly be needing it badly, this holliday season).

From My Lj...


Tidbit out of my Lj. [Aug. 8th, 2006|02:09 pm]
▒▒ Car Punchers Unite ▒▒

(this portion is from one of my lj posts today, cyclophile)

I didn't take my new favorite route, I went the
standard way, up 65th to the to the college and onto the bike trail.

I was making great time this morning ...'cept for all the damned red
lights. Every red light had my name on it but I was still feeling and
moving great. I was feeling like this until after I crossed 14th on
65th. A jerk (or jerkette, did not see the driver) in a silver honda
small SUV (not a crv) passed me.

This would normally not be a problem...nope, it is a natural
thing...BUT...he/she passed me at full speed and within MILLIMETERS of
me. I could almost feel the car brush my arm as it went by.

When it got in front of me, it moved over even further and then
continued on its merry way. I tossed a futile gesture of outrage and
then I saw red. I sprinted... I must have gotten up to 27 mph (well, I
did, it is on my bike 'puter). I *WANTED* that car. I felt a strong
desire to wrap my fingers around the driver's throat, or to perhaps use
the driver for a percussion instrument.

So... I sprinted.. I maintained that high rate of speed. My chest was
working like a bellows. I was an unstoppable force. I begged for a red
light.. I needed a red light.. I wanted.... a red freaking light.

It did not happen...it was not to be...Both lights leading to the
freeway persisted in their green tyranny. The car ever-so-cheerfully
eluded capture as it drove up the freeway entrance and off into the
morning light.

So... maybe when I get home tonight, I will make an entry on CraigsList
Missed Connections about the above...perhaps the driver and I can
connect. (evil snicker) If nothing else, it'd be a source of amusement
for people.
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Bad drivers [Jun. 4th, 2006|07:46 pm]
▒▒ Car Punchers Unite ▒▒


Worst states for bad drivers: Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Rhode Island kind of surprises me. Massachusetts, well, that surprises no one.
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in east cambridge, riding down 3rd street... [Mar. 9th, 2006|09:34 am]
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a man in a minivan blatantly pulled in front of me from a side street. he disregarded his stop sign and the traffic (me). i couldn't stop in time but yelled "hey" as i started to swerve right, towards his back-left corner. his window was open, and i saw his face as he responded with contempt, "hey what!?". i should have slammed into him. the police station was one block away, and there were many witnesses. instead, i bumped his rear corner and watched his enraged expression as i rode away.

i firmly believe that one's IQ is inversely proportionate to the size of the vehicle they are driving. (possibly excluding some commercial drivers)
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Well lookee here! [Feb. 2nd, 2006|06:35 pm]
▒▒ Car Punchers Unite ▒▒

[music |Judas Priest - HellRider (What else?)]

WoW! a community after my own heart! heheh... I won't bother restating all of my recent incidents... The following is from my Jan 31, '06 entry...

"The ride home was great 'cept for the jerk that almost ran me over (not far from work). He lane-changed into the bike lane (to get around traffic, the bastard) and he did not pay particular attention to the fact that there may have been someone already THERE! I dodged and then I chased the prick down. He pulled into a gas station not far ahead. I did my usual road-rage thing at him (well, chasing him down was road rage too) and yelled at 'im..."That was a fucking goddam bike lane and don't you fucking know how to fucking LOOK before you fucking change lanes, you goddam asshole!" ... or something like that.

He was very appologetic and claimed "I saw you and I thought I was a little ahead of you" Ummmm.. I told him "bullshit, I've heard that before." ...and his ass did not BELONG in the bike lane in the first place.


The rest of the ride was calming tho. Once I was off the street and on the trail, I cranked the music up and started grinding all the way home."
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it used to be everyday but now it's every time [Nov. 9th, 2005|01:15 am]
▒▒ Car Punchers Unite ▒▒

i have noticed that since this last summer my required alertness has been constant. Having to step back or run to avoid being hit by a vehicle was a 4-5 times a week event last spring. Just something that would jolt my heart for a couple minutes. Lately this happens everytime (EVVVVVERYTIME!) i cross an intersection. Or as per last week when i was on the side walk and there was a car turning right. While he was watching for the traffic he was merging into he drove right up onto the sidewalk and didn't notice me running up onto the grass to avoid being shinned by his bumper!

i really try to care for other people, i make conscious decisions not to cast judgements and negate someones character with comments (that will not make a difference if spoken). but it is SO HARD to find compassion when so many people have absolutely no consideration for your physical care. it's challenging fighting violent urges to pull someone from their car and then to try to talk reason into them. how do we do it? how do we tell drivers that we shouldn't have to worry about our physical safety every moment we are not enclosed by walls!? and as if writing a letter to the editor or any local newspaper will do shitall.

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Apparently roads didn't exist before the automobile... [Oct. 16th, 2005|04:16 pm]
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[music |Gary Numan - Cars (seriously)]

There is a automobile versus bicycle war just getting started on the Atlanta community. The original poster asked some reasonable questions but you can see Atlanta's typical car first religion in the comments section:


Anyone want to correct this person's anti-cyclist attitude? She seems to think roads are for cars but it's ok for bikes... as long as they admit they're second class citizens and keep to the edge of the road out of her way.
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