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Tidbit out of my Lj. - ▒▒ flesh and blood on the streets ▒▒ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Tidbit out of my Lj. [Aug. 8th, 2006|02:09 pm]
▒▒ Car Punchers Unite ▒▒


(this portion is from one of my lj posts today, cyclophile)

I didn't take my new favorite route, I went the
standard way, up 65th to the to the college and onto the bike trail.

I was making great time this morning ...'cept for all the damned red
lights. Every red light had my name on it but I was still feeling and
moving great. I was feeling like this until after I crossed 14th on
65th. A jerk (or jerkette, did not see the driver) in a silver honda
small SUV (not a crv) passed me.

This would normally not be a problem...nope, it is a natural
thing...BUT...he/she passed me at full speed and within MILLIMETERS of
me. I could almost feel the car brush my arm as it went by.

When it got in front of me, it moved over even further and then
continued on its merry way. I tossed a futile gesture of outrage and
then I saw red. I sprinted... I must have gotten up to 27 mph (well, I
did, it is on my bike 'puter). I *WANTED* that car. I felt a strong
desire to wrap my fingers around the driver's throat, or to perhaps use
the driver for a percussion instrument.

So... I sprinted.. I maintained that high rate of speed. My chest was
working like a bellows. I was an unstoppable force. I begged for a red
light.. I needed a red light.. I wanted.... a red freaking light.

It did not happen...it was not to be...Both lights leading to the
freeway persisted in their green tyranny. The car ever-so-cheerfully
eluded capture as it drove up the freeway entrance and off into the
morning light.

So... maybe when I get home tonight, I will make an entry on CraigsList
Missed Connections about the above...perhaps the driver and I can
connect. (evil snicker) If nothing else, it'd be a source of amusement
for people.

From: (Anonymous)
2007-07-03 08:35 pm (UTC)

Maybe if you picked up the pace....

I almost hate myself for posting this reply buuuuuut...maybe if you picked up the pace before the brush you would have caught more green lights!

Seriously though, I use one of those rather geeky looking helmet mounted rear view mirrors. Does not stop knuckleheads from trying to brush me, but does eliminate the maddening feeling you get from being surprised by it and usually affords me a nano-second to move a tad right. Or punch the car. Rider's choice!
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